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***NEW*** Online Course:

Kindergarten Confidence

Everything you (& your child!) needs to know to start school with confidence!!!

I'm going to tell you everything I know to prepare and support your child with this exciting transition based on my 14 years as a primary teacher, including 7 years in Kindergarten!

My own kids are now 11 and 7 years old - I also know the parent perspective of starting school very well. 

I'm going to make sure you know all you wanted to (and more!) about Kindergarten and early learning!  

Includes ALL of the following:

  • A typical Kindergarten day schedule (before COVID and current practices)

  • A Kindergarten classroom photo tour

  • An overview of Ontario’s Kindergarten Program curriculum

  • What to pack in the school bag

  • The social and academic skills that make the transition easiest and practical tips for developing them at home:

             •    Independence
             •    Communication
             •    Motor skills
             •    Name & Letters
             •    Early Reading
             •    Numbers & Counting

  • A daily schedule you could follow at home this summer

  • Picture Book recommendations

  • What your child is expected to know at the end of Kindergarten

  • Supporting your Kindergarten child at home once school starts

  • Understanding play-based learning and how to encourage it at home

GUEST EXPERTS share additional, helpful info: 

  • Packing lunches and snacks with Jay Baum, Registered Dietician, Pommetta Nutrition

  • Washroom hygiene and sleep with Lily Horbatiuk, Pediatric Sleep and Potty Training Consultant, Lil Baby Sleep Consulting

  • Understanding and managing after school meltdowns (restraint collapse) with Allana Robinson, Parenting Coach, Uncommon Sense Parenting

On Sale NOW until May 4!  Won't be available again until Summer 2022.
Children Reading the Holy Bible
Kids in Preschool


I found your workshop to be very informative and ‘real’. 
We just had our school virtual group session with all the parents of Kindergarten children starting in September and felt that the information was a bit lacking. Ie: what to practice this summer, what a typical day is like etc.
I found the part about lunches to be helpful. 
Your takeaways such as the letters and suggested

books were great too.
-    Jennifer

I learned so much about kindergarten and getting my son ready to make it easier on him,

whatever it will look like. 

I’m implementing tips right away to make the

transition easier.  
Can’t say enough!  Thank you, Connie!
-    Lily

Get a FREE copy of my "Welcome to Kindergarten" letter I gave out to new Kindergarten families that includes some details on the school day, things to pack, and ways to prepare for the first day! 

Thank you!  Your letter will be emailed within 12hrs!

I liked finding out about the logistics - how their JK day will work, are they prompted to use the bathroom, hand washing, how lunch time works, how teachers communicate with parents, etc.  
It was interesting to see the Four Frames curriculum, I wasn't aware it was organized this way.  
It was all very helpful. 
-    Andrea

I really enjoyed your Kindergarten workshop and found it really helpful for gathering resources for home. 
I purchased most of the book recommendations and

my daughter loved them all. 
-    Diana

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