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Creating a Calm Playroom using Subtraction

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

This is probably the most visually dramatic playroom transformation I've worked on to date! 

I love how beautiful, calm, and uncluttered the new space is.

Notice that very little was ADDED - the results are mostly from everything taken AWAY: 

- brightly coloured foam mats

- dresser

- boxes

- artwork on walls 

- piles on surfaces

- open storage bins

- dress up clothing rack (replaced with clothing stand)

The client already had the rug.  

The couch was moved from the left wall to the right and given new cushion covers from amazon.  

Whenever I work on a playroom, I like to use what the clients already have and only suggest purchasing items that are needed for storage or big impact.

This playroom makes me so happy and I can't wait to hear how the kids react to it (they were away for a few days when the client and I worked on it!!!).


The kids love it and are using it daily!

Get in touch to learn how I could help transform your play space (virtually or in person in the Toronto area)!

What do you love most about this transformation?! 👇

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