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Creative Kids: Using Google 3D Animals

Have you played with Google 3D animals?!

The kids and I had fun playing with it for a good hour in the backyard.

I recommend doing a search for which animals are available in 3D and writing them down as a list to offer your kids.  (Then you don't have to spend time looking up each animal you think of to find whether or not it's an option.)

It was also more fun for the kids to use the phone to take pics of me and each other than me taking the photos of them.

These photos can be used as writing prompts for a creative story! There's high motivation to write when it's all about them and easier for them to generate ideas for the story when they already have a picture to use, e.g., "My Best Friend is a Cheetah", "My Undersea Adventure with an Octopus".

My 5 year old suggested making an early reader book about animals, "Here is a goat.  Here is a turtle.  Here is a horse." 

We could make it for her younger cousin! Having someone to write for (an audience) is another way to increase motivation for writing.

You could get very creative with this, e.g., kids could dress up for a photo shoot in a tiger costume to take pics with a tiger, etc.

They could plan and write the story ahead of time and then take the photos to go with the text.

I would love to hear what your child creates!

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