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How Hiring a Playroom Consultant Could Change Your Life!

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

There are a couple interesting things happening in the title of this post.

First, I may have made up this job title! It took me a while to decide what to call my business services, and there isn’t anyone else doing exactly what I am, but I think “playroom consultant” is a good fit.

Someone can get a good idea of what I do from this title. “Sounds like she offers advice and expertise on how to create a playroom.” Yup, that’s a good start, but I do so much more than that!

Second, this is a bold claim. Did someone say, “Connie, that sounds a bit dramatic.”? Well, it’s not the first time I’ve been accused of being dramatic…but I stand by this claim! Let me tell you why.

My goal is to help parents create a playroom that supports their child’s learning and creativity. When I do an in-home consultation, parents are giving a minimum of two hours of their time to focus solely on how they want their child(ren) to spend their time at home and what opportunities they want their child to have for playing, imagination, building, making art, reading, writing, and other learning through play.

When else does that ever happen?! You are making time to plan a part of how you want to raise your child. During the visit, I pass on as much information as I can to help parents understand why play and creativity are important and how to set up the environment to encourage play, learning, and creativity.

Depending on the family’s needs, I explain how to keep toys organized and easy to tidy up, which toys are better for imaginative play than others, things you can say to extend your child’s play, activities for fine-motor development, recommend toys and art materials, and how to make the space look good so the whole family likes spending time in it.

It’s a crash course in all I’ve learned during 14 years as a primary teacher and 8 years as a parent applying play-based learning principles in my own home!

You will look at play with new eyes, you will have an organized and attractive playroom, the toys will be easier to tidy up. You’ll be excited about all the fun, learning, creativity, and quality family time that will happen at home and you will feel empowered that you are helping your child build important skills that will last their lifetime.

I hope I have convinced you!

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