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Transform Your Home with a Toy Edit

I'm thrilled and honoured to be included in this fantastic article by Matthew Hague in the Globe and Mail on Thursday, April 23 and Saturday, April 25!

"What you really need is a room edit, not a reno" is about home organization as design and how you can end up with a new space, showcasing items you love, through editing, organizing, and styling your stuff. You don't need structural changes or to spend much money to get a new space!

The article starts with a woman's story of hiring Elias Blunden-Stonne from The Room Editor to help with her home and collected items. “I’m not sure I would call myself a decorator,” he says. “Really, I’m an editor. I want to help people work with what they’ve got, arranging and displaying it all in the nicest way possible.”

Then the co-founders of The Home Edit (!!!) discuss their beliefs, "...I look at organization more as interior design than a chore – it’s an opportunity to make a house more beautiful and more functional at the same time, and that’s ultimately a big win for homeowners.”

Finally, I am included as an option for people with homes overrun with kid's toys! I get to share my passion for making play spaces that are uncluttered and organized and support learning and creativity.

One of my fabulous clients Tat Read shares, “Connie helped me realized that we didn’t need as many toys as we had, because a lot of them had the same purpose” and how I helped make space in her home.

If you have a Globe and Mail subscription, check out the full article!

If you want to learn more about how I can help you get back space in your home while also supporting your child's learning and creativity, get in touch!

Are you a fan of organization-as-design?!

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